Demolition. Destruction. Chaos. Speed. These words best describe what Crash Co. is all about.

Control over a transport carrying an experimental dark matter weapon has been lost and unfortunately it still remains in motion. Your mission is to prevent a collision (leading to a global catastrophe) by destroying any and everything that can get in its way! If this premise sounds familiar, then you likely played Blast Corps on the Nintendo 64. My goal with Crash Co. is to deliver a re-imagining of this experience while improving on any aspects that I can.

You will accomplish the task at-hand by controlling a variety of vehicles, from bulldozers and helicopters to a variety of mechs. When not clearing the path for the transport, there is a range of mini-games to partake in, including: races, demolition derbys, sidescroller shoot-em-ups, and even running platformers (akin to BIT.TRIP Runner).


  • Multiple vehicles ranging from helicopters, to bulldozers, and even Mech’s.
  • A wide range of mini-games that are hidden and waiting to be unlocked.
  • Simple and responsive arcade-style handling of the vehicles.
  • Varied environments and scenarios involving tons of destruction and puzzles.
  • That always satisfying feeling of destroying things!



Bulldozer – Punisher

Simple yet effective. Just point it at whatever you want to bring down to the ground, hit the accelerator and let the bulldozer do the rest!


Attack Helicopter – Firefly

Equipped with dual missile launchers, this vehicle can make quick work of anything unfortunate enough to be in the target area after a missile is let loose.


Mech – Ricochet

Boasting dual rocket-powered detachable fists that can be fired independent of one another, they will ricochet (pun intended) off of anything that they hit, causing massive amounts of damage in the process.


Mech – Cyclone

Taking full advantage of the power offered from a high-speed spin attack, Cyclone is extremely efficient at making short work of large areas.


Mech – Compression

Utilizing a heavily-armored base plate and legs, this mech uses a top-down approach to come down on its target with tremendous force.


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