Crash Co. has been Greenlit!

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I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to those of you who took the time to vote and make this possible! Especially to everyone who took the time to write an article, interview, or retweet anything to help me get the word out there. After the last few months of doing so, I’m only left with the following feeling…


Crash Co. Greenlight Landing

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To simplify the Steam Greenlight process and to encourage those who would rather not log in to Steam through their browser (requiring a second authentication) to vote, I made this landing page which will allow you to open the Crash Co. Greenlight page using which ever method is most convenient for you!







May 2016 Update – New Vehicles and Levels!

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First and foremost, a big thanks to everyone who has supported Crash Co. on Steam Greenlight! We could still use more votes though!

Now on to the fun stuff; the updates. There are 2 new vehicles (one of which was seen in the Greenlight trailer) but was still in the concept stages at that point. First up is a rolling ball (which controls like any ball rolling game – Marble Blast Ultra for example) currently named: Destructorb. While rolling you can charge forward which will inflict a small amount of damage, but for ultimate destruction you will want to launch yourself off of a ramp.


New Vehicle

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Not only have I been working on new levels lately but have found some time to implement a new vehicle as well. This one handles in the style of a ball roller (think Marble Blast Gold) but with the added ability to “charge” forward to inflict damage. The working name as of now is Destructorb but I am more than open to any input that anyone may have to offer!


New Beta Demo!

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Just under a week after launching the Steam Greenlight campaign for Crash Co., I am proud to present a new playable beta demo! Nearly 5 months since the last playable preview was released, there have been a number of changes, ranging from bug fixes to gameplay tweaks!

This demo features a total of 12 playable levels (7 main demolition levels and 5 hidden bonus levels), allowing you to control 5 main demolition vehicles as well as a handful of transport-only ones; from a train to an ATV.



If you find any bugs, have any suggestions, or would just like to share your opinion on the game, please let me know!

Site Launch

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Excuse the half-finished nature of this site at the moment while I continue to build it out. As of now, I believe I have the bulk of what I will be showcasing on this site laid out and ready to go.For now, please continue to follow my development blog over at: